About the Artist

Juan LunaBorn and raised in Peru, Juan Luna was introduced to art at an early age.  An autodidact, Luna describes his artwork as reflecting his life experiences and view of the world around him.  These strongly influence the subject and nature of his works which are inevitably ever-changing and evolving with time.  His emotions and mood determine the style of his works and when this changes, a new series of artwork begins.  His works have been described as ranging from abstract to impressionist and, most recently, he has been active combining oil, acrylic, metal and textures to create abstract paintings that mix subtle and dramatic imagery on canvas.  Luna has been based in New York City for the past 33 years.  You can find his artwork at many venues throughout North, Central and South America.

 Luna began his career as an architect and interior designer but the passion and joy he feels when creating his artwork has always motivated him to exercise these talents.  He has been described as a contemplative and creative person.  His creations reflect his fascination with nature which combines with his unique perspective to inspire his work.  His creations are pieces that are slowly revealed as he works and his internal compass guides him to create compositions that are a unique mixture of color, subject and technique.